Anson Mount and Rebecca Romijn, respectively, of the performers of captain Pike and Number One, will be leaving the series “Star Trek Discovery” at the end of the current season 2. CBS Bad news for the Trekkies : two characters from Star Trek, Discovery will leave the series. Our fellow americans from Deadline reveal that Anson Mount (captain Pike) and Rebecca Romijn (Number One) will leave the show in the coming weeks, despite their high popularity with fans. Iconic of the original series, these two characters had been introduced in the second season of Star Trek Discovery to synchronize the plot of the series with the timeline of the franchise (the story of Discovery takes place ten years before the action of Star Trek). It has not been revealed if Ethan Peck, the new interpreter of Spock, leave him also the series, or if it would be present in the third season. Star Trek Discovery renewed for a season 3 as a reminder, Christopher Pike is the predecessor of captain Kirk at the head of the Enterprise ; the hero of the first driver (denied by NBC), he was portrayed by Jeffrey Hunter (the dailies of the episode had finally been used as flashbacks in the double-episode “The Menagerie”). More recently, it is in the guise of Bruce Greenwood as the character had appeared in the reboot signed J. J. Abrams. The episodes of Star Trek Discovery season 2 are aired each Friday in the US+24 on Netflix France.

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