Tips On How To Repair The Roblox Will Not Set Up Concern On Home Windows?

Every time I try to play a recreation, it kicks me back to the ROBLOX HOMESCREEN! Unless there’s some sort of miracle that’ll happen, I don’t know if I wish to attempt to play until the ordeal is solved. My daughter’s Roblox account isn’t pulling up.

why is roblox not working

This would often be seen firstly of upkeep before later redirecting to the traditional maintenance site with the proper design. April 7, 2015 ROBLOX will Return at 10 PM PacificThis maintenance web page was hardly ever seen in early to mid 2015 when ROBLOX had a deliberate time for maintenance to finish. There were two variants to this maintenance web page. One options the O NOES hat while the opposite includes a hard hat.This maintenance web page has a timer, which tells what number of minutes and hours of maintenance time. However, it is only counting all the way down to the expected time as to when it’s complete and should not have been correct.

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I have tried it on 2 computers with no luck. I discovered about one thing in my gmail, it mentioned that I modified my email and password, despite the fact that I didn’t! I assume all your passwords are incorrect as a result of someone stole our accounts, I consider. i attempted to vary the password and roblox inform me to examine my email, but i didn’t receive any email roblox.

My daughter logged in and then the app mechanically logged her back out. This is actually annoying particularly since fairly a bit of money has been spent on this game. Also account logged into on differnet gadget when not.

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The blue bar shows the response time, which is healthier when smaller. If no bar is displayed for a particular time it signifies that the service was down and the site was offline. @AviaComrade @f3brian_ @aliminecraft696 Roblox studio up to date yesterday and fixed the issue.

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