Velvet Buzzsaw is now available on Netflix. The origin of this feature film, a film that never saw the light of day : Superman Lives. Written by Dan Gilroy, it was to be directed by Tim Burton and worn by Nicolas Cage… Netflix is Available from the 1st February on Netflix, the Velvet Buzzsaw explores the commercial nature of the item This satire metaphorical puts the finger on the operating mercantile of paintings by a group of individuals abĂȘtis by a materialism, is futile and foul. At the origin of this dark vision, a failure, that in the 90 years of the production of the film Superman Lives. Behind the camera of ” Velvet Buzzsaw : the director, Dan Gilroy, freshly landed in the circle of independent filmmakers and acclaimed for Night Call, his first feature-film released in 2014. In the 90s, he embarked on the writing of Superman Lives, which, as its name indicates, is centered on an adventure of super-heroes. The project is ambitious : Tim Burton to the realization, Nicolas Cage in tights Clark Kent and Jon Peters production (Rain Man, Batman, the challenge, Man of Steel). After a year and a half of work and only two weeks before the shooting, Warner decided to put an end to a question of budget. In an interview published on January 28, 2019, Dan Gilroy has stated to EW that this blow unexpectedly laid the foundation for a Velvet Buzzsaw. At the time, disillusioned, he contemplates the sea from the beach of Santa Monica, and thought that he could have done “to write words on the sand to see them get carried away by the waves”. An allegory that was also echoed in a scene of Velvet involving the character of John Malkovich, a renowned artist in need of inspiration. Gilroy does not, however, shoot well for a long time and decides that his creations are, above all, a personal expression and a work appreciated by the entire team. “I swore that I was going to now follow this precept : what does it matter in the end, the number of people who sees my films or their commercial success. I create art for me. I have to create something in agreement with me and bring a vision of the world to which the audience can identify with,” he concluded. A documentary entitled The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened? recounting this sad story has seen the light of day in 2015. Since then, Dan Gilroy has scripted a dozen films, including Real Steel, Jason Bourne : the legacy or, more recently, Kong : Skull Island – as proof that this quack has not buried its relationships with the big studios – and directed three feature-length films whose Case Roman J. released in 2018. Velvet Buzzsaw is distributed by Netflix and now available on the platform. Velvet Buzzsaw trailer VO

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