Jean-Luc Reichmann is back in Leo Mattéï for a sixth season. New beginning for the police in the Minors ‘ Brigade, which includes the offices of Marseille. Jean-Philippe Baltel / Big Band Story / TF1 reunion difficult Change of scenery for Leo Mattéï who puts his suitcases on the side of Marseille for the sixth season. A new destination that is not motivated by the landscape but by the judicial follow-up about David, the man who had kidnapped his daughter for 8 years. The short fifth season, had concluded that a red thread of narrative, celebrating the reunion between Leo and Heloise. This new batch of episodes will dig more in detail the difficult reconstruction of the relationship between a father and his daughter. The crisis of confidence, clash of generations, while the lexical field reports dysfunctional is respected.

This sixth season, the image of Broadchurch, will imagine the after. Because the story does not end at the time where we stop the bad guys. Then snaps all the cumbersome judicial system and the difficult but necessary confrontation. Diffuse in these first episodes where he is more of a question of psychological evolution of Heloise, and his attempts to adapt in a world which she has forgotten the codes, everything accelerates in the last two episodes, more sensational, where moral dilemmas and suspense will attempt to bring to the audience a few lifts emotional.

Surveys… If Marseille is synonymous with sun, sea and football, the city is also the scene of disappearances, of overdose, and kidnappings. The daily life of the juvenile brigade. Around Leo, we find the commander Olivia Lambert (Mathilde Lebrequier), the commissioner Cabelle (Xavier Matthew) and lieutenant Fred (Linda Bouhenni) and Jonathan (Alexandre Achdjian). A team that had already accompanied Leo Mattéï on the case of David, and now takes a regular place in the series.

In the program, the universe of dancers, stars, an associative radio station, the sugar daddy (wealthy men who offer gifts on gifts to (very) young girls in exchange for their company), drugs in the environment students to boost the capacity of neuronal in the review period, a catalogue of the ills of potential impact on the youth. The opportunity also to address a dimension of parental love can sometimes be toxic. The end of At the End of the Wire (6×04) will be especially poignant and cruel.

… and guests and, As usual, the season will increase the guests. Michel Sarran left temporarily the kitchens of Top Chefs and occupies the role of the… a cooking teacher in a hospitality school. A real role of composition in one episode all designated. It is no surprise that we also find Patrick Bosso, obligatory passage, it seems, when it comes to Marseille. Other regulars of the television, Bruno Wolkowitch and David Brecourt are in the program of the third episode ; Cyril Eldin accompanies the well known faces of the spectators of a More Beautiful Life : Rebecca Hampton, and Louis Duneton in episode 2. The famous soap opera of France 3 is always a large pool of actor, since the other elders are also contained in the distribution of the fourth : Stephanie Pareja and Bryan Treasure. Finally the listeners of France Inter will be able to recognize Juliette Arnaud in the role of the attorney for Keller.

A set of specifications adhered to This sixth season ticks all the boxes : facts about society, surveys the suspense mechanics, a red wire and a finish in the sprint. The authors provide six episodes square, without surprise or risk-taking. A product well crafted, a little shy (we could go further into the topics), but no doubt reassuring for TF1. Only the game, sometimes very rough actors (including Jean-Luc Reichmann head) reminds us that if Leo Mattéï has a certain degree of mastery in the areas of policing, the series nevertheless remains anecdotal in a television landscape already very formatted.

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